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SWEEP RACING PIXEL 1/8 BUGGY TIRES - SILVER DOT ON WHITE WHEELS , 1/8 buggy wheels & Tires combo - Sweep Racing, LLC
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Silver dot (Ultra soft) compound on white dish wheels

Sweep Racing tires and wheels are known for precision made near perfect balance, resulting in truer spins, even wear and bringing you outstanding traction.

With it's square pin tread design the Pixel is suited for those demanding hard wearing tracks that require long lasting rubber. Thanks to the high definition pixels, each square blocks will last alot longer than standard low resolution pin style.

The Pixel tire also features Sweep Racing's bigger and wider V5 core design which reduces ballooning even further than our past cores. The V5 Core have a bigger footprint on track surfaces whilst also delivering a comfortable level of handling. Long life and high grip makes great harmony for our new long life X compounds.

Sweep's V4 Wheel is made out of stiffer nylon but still feather light with less flex, resulting more traction.

All tires sets include Sweep Racing V2 Cloud 9 pink closed cell inserts.

This is Sweep's latest closed cells foams for 8th scale buggy, perfect foam density for today's surface with vertical cut design to absorb impacts

This closed cell inserts have several advantages over the molded grooved inserts, such as increased durability, water resistance, reduced tire roll deformation while maintaining great cornering and quite simply they weigh less - which always helps!

Team drivers have warmed immediately to the new inserts saying the result is better cornering and acceleration.

  • Comes 4 tires/wheels per set with cloud 9 inserts in a resealable zip-lock type bag.
  • All tires are pre-glued and pre-punctured with 2 sets of 3mm holes.
  • Dish V4 wheels
  • Cloud 9 closed cell inserts V2

Tire compound chart:

  • White dot: Medium compound for Sizzling day or when you need a long last set. 
  • Red dot: Soft compound for Hot weather
  • Blue dot: Extra Soft compound for Hot to cool weather
  • Silver dot: Ultra soft compound for Cool to Cold weather

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