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JCONCEPTS METRIX FOR 1/8TH BUGGY , 1/8 buggy tires - JConcepts, LLC



  • 1989

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The 2013 Dirt Nitro Challenge winner is unleashed.   Metrix tire in multiple compounds now available.

Straight out of the JConcepts development department is a brand-new, clean slate 1/8th buggy tire design.    The Metrix, debuted during the 2012 IFMAR World Championships and used to victory during the 2013 Dirt Nitro Challenge, utilizes a stacked center tread, with inspiring aspects carried over from the successful Crossbow tire.  The strength of the Metrix is the relentless forward bite on dusty and loose conditions while the directional outer lugs smoothly transition over rough terrain for an extremely easy drive.

The staggered and directional Bar Code inspired sidewall treatment offers a less grabby initial steering response but a balanced feel for more driver confidence on rutted, bumpy and wavy deteriorating track sections.  The Metrix tire is meant to be driven hard while reacting softly to catchy sections, providing a confidence inspiring gripping force to a drivers’ arsenal of tires.    JConcepts unloaded during the World championships and Dirt Nitro Challenge with a fresh tire aimed at redefining vehicle to track driving characteristics while setting a new trend in the industry.

The Metrix tire is a winner in the hands of Ryan Maifield during the 2013 Dirt Nitro Challenge at the Fear Farm Raceway in Phoenix, AZ.    Ryan states -  “The Fear Farm is always a gnarly track and with the weather, the track got extremely bumpy and difficult to drive during the mains.   I bolted on the Metrix and it immediately transformed my buggy into a contender.   I had an advantage during the A-Final.”

  • Stacked / aligned, staggered / directional type design
  • Heavy center lug design for increased forward bite
  • Ideal spacing for performance, traction and wear
  • Super aggressive tread including stacked features
  • Staggered and directional outer bars to soften the blow against heavy terrain
  • Available in Medium (Yellow), Medium Soft (Red), Soft (Blue), Super Soft (Green), Mega Soft (Black) compounds
  • Includes light-weight and durable profiled closed cell inserts


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