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HOBBYWING XERUN XR8 PLUS 1/8 BRUSHLESS ESC , Speed Controler - Hobbywing, LLC
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The Hobbywing XR8 PLUS is another new competition ESC HOBBYWING specially develops on the basis of constant research, technical analysis and performance comparisons, for 1/8th scale professional race cars.

The XERUN ESC series have always been welcomed by the market, the sales volumes and users’ feedback have already proved this. XR8 PLUS not only continued the outstanding quality & excellent throttle response of XERUN series ESCs but also adopted some cutting-edge technologies in the brushless power system field. With the integration of new technologies into product’s design and manufacture, XR8 PLUS is realizing the breakthrough desired by the high-level racers.

• Compatible with sensored/sensorless brushless motors. In sensored mode, it’s compatible with most popular sensored brushless motors on the market. In sensorless mode, it’s compatible with 99% of brushless motors on the market.

• Super internal switch-mode BEC with switchable voltage of 6V/7.2V and cont. /peak current of 6A/15A for easily driving big torque servos and high voltage servos.

• Highly reliable electronic switch avoids troubles which may happen to traditional mechanical switch due to dirt, water, dash and etc.

• Aluminum cases build highly efficient heat dissipation system.

• Separate programming port to easily connect the LCD program box to the ESC.

• Proportional brake with 9 levels of Maximum Brake Force and adjustable Drag Brake Force range from 0 to 100%.

• 9 levels of acceleration/punch from “soft” to “aggressive” for different vehicles, tires and tracks.

• Innovative “COAST” function will make the RC vehicle coast like a real car after you release the throttle trigger, avoid the sudden slow-down (this sudden slow-down often happens to motors with very strong magnetic force), and brings you the great control feel.

• Multiple protections: motor lock-up protection, low-voltage cutoff protection, thermal protection, overload protection, and failsafe (throttle signal loss protection).

• Advanced programming via the portable multifunction LCD program box.

• Firmware upgrade via HOBBYWING multifunction LCD program box (item sold separately).

Click here for users manual.

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