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Our Mission

At Fast Lap the mission is simple; provide quality RC cars, trucks and buggies to people with the best service possible at fair prices. We will also provide the RC parts necessary to keep your RC vehicles running in peak condition. We will work to gain your trust and build lasting relationships that you can rely on when you want to replace or upgrade your RC truck, car or buggy. 

We also want to do everything in our power to promote and educate people on the fun and entertainment value of RC. Fast Lap feels strongly that RC provides fun for everyone and encourage experienced RC racers and bashers alike to share and help new comers. 

Having been involved in RC since childhood we feel fortunate to share this hobby with others who share the same passion. We hope you like the web site and please join us in opening up opportunities to others so they may enjoy the fun of RC cars, trucks, buggies and whatever else you enjoy.

Please feel free to drop us a line at if you would like to see a particular item added to the site. And don't forget to bookmark us and join the email newsletter to stay informed on specials we offer.

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